KLC Consulting

KLC Consulting sLTD is the legal successor of the Department of International Projects of KLC Law Firm. KLC Consulting sLTD provides consultancy, strategic advisory and project management services to European Commission, International Financial Institutions and donors, regional organisations, national governments and private clients. 

KLC Consulting remains a reliable partner for clients and collaborators and continuously endeavours to expand the cooperation bases with other businesses and professionals.
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Project portfolio
Consultancy on compiling inventory, assessment and prequalification selection of training service providers in Kazakhstan, Project: Skills and Jobs
Country: Kazakhstan
Dates: November 2017 August 2019
Financing: State budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan and World Bank IBRD loan
Partners: Planet S.A. (KZ); AERC (KZ)
Budget: 2,302,076.00 USD
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Consulting services for the development and phased implementation of the safety management system in accordance with the requirements of the International Code for the Management of Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention
Country: Kazakhstan
Dates: December 2017
Budget: confidential
Contractor: confidential
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Framework service contract with re-opening of competition "Legal, economic and technical assistance in the fields of energy and mobility and transport policies" - Lot 4: "Legal assistance in the field of Mobility and Transport"
Country: EU Member States
Dates: June 2016 June 2020
Framework budget: 3,000, 000 Euro (up to four years)
Partners: Milieu
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Areas of expertise

KLC Consulting provides services in virtually all segments of the energy sector, such as oil and gas, renewables (photovoltaic, hydro, thermal) sources, power generation and transmission. These services cover a wide range of upstream, midstream and downstream activities which may relate to production and transmission infrastructure development, to interstate cooperation, as well as to the marketing.
For large scale energy investment projects, KLC Consulting provides advisory services throughout the entire project life cycle, from conceptualisation, pre-/feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment, licensing and permitting, project finance, construction, to operation and maintenance.
KLC Consulting stays abreast of the developments in the European energy sector and continuously monitors the implementation of TEN-E policy in Europe and its neighbouring countries.
KLC Consulting has played a significant role in the elaboration and introduction of the regulatory framework on energy within the former Soviet Union and Southeastern Europe.


KLC Consulting is active in road, rail, maritime, aviation, and multimodal transport sectors for both passenger and freight. KLC has developed expertise in, among others, transport infrastructure investments and projects, transport programmes and policies evaluation/assessments, Public Private Partnerships in transport projects, modelling and forecasting,  KLC expertise covers urban transport, as well interurban (national and international), and transport logistics. Closely related to the transport sector are the fields of trade facilitation, cross-border cooperation, and the interoperability of transport networks and assessment and measurement of attractiveness of transportation routes (corridors) – all of which are key competence areas of KLC Consulting.    
KLC Consulting stays abreast of the developments in the European transport sector and continuously monitors the implementation of TEN-T policy in Europe and its neighbouring countries, as well as other related initiatives by UNECE, ECA, UNESCAP, ESCWA and regional organisations.
KLC Consulting has implemented EU-funded programs relating to laying down the institutional, legal and regulatory framework for international transportation within the former Soviet Union and South-East Europe (TRACECA programme).

Public Private Partnerships
Public-private partnerships, or PPPs, are gaining increasing popularity as a finance scheme in large infrastructure development projects. KLC Consulting provides its clients with a range of services connected with PPPs, either as concessions/joint ventures or as PFIs, from formulation of legal and financial structures up to the successful signature for project granting, including all intermediary negotiations. Needless to say that KLC has developed close relationship with Banks specialized for this.

Strategic Security Consulting
With a mission to deliver state of the art Information Technology and Security Solutions, aiming to deliver measurable Return on Investment in the organizations applied, KLC Consulting pursues a strategy to build long run relationships with large organizations. This leads to a trusted association, covering all IT & Security needs through furnishing, adapting and implementing novel technologies from partnerships with global leadership in their field.

A variety of efficient Solutions are offered. In brief, they are grouped as following:
Strategic Consulting Services:  a range of Strategic Consulting Services that include top level continuous Security and Coaching consultation to Top Management Level.
Security Master Plan: design of corporate Security Master Plan for all locations and operations in an enterprise, involving all functions, processes and policies. Security Master Plan comprises of three identical sections: Physical Security, IT- Electronic Security and Safety.
Cyber Intelligence: implementation of digital risk management, we identify and analyze digital threats within data sources at the open, deep and dark web.
Integrated Technology Solutions: Integrated Technological Solutions that respond to specific market needs, including state of the art Software and specialized equipment in IT, Security and Defense. The team has experience on turnkey solutions, comprising of all required stages and especially project management of any related operation.

KLC Consulting provides services related to environment either as discrete project (e.g. waste management) or as cross-cutting issues (e.g. environmental and social impact assessment) in infrastructure projects. Given the past experience and expertise, KLC Consulting is well positioned to expedite projects in terms of required environmental protection measures, right of way requirements  and licensing and permitting.
KLC Consulting has successfully performed Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, including public consultations, for energy infrastructure projects in line with EBRD and EU environmental policy.

Public Administration
KLC Consulting has a broad expertise in providing services to the public sector institutions. The range of these services encompasses institutional reform programme formulation, capacity building of public organisations and civil servants, assistance in public procurement in the European context.
Furthermore, owing to past experience, KLC has an intimate knowledge and understanding of public administration systems in the region of Newly Independent States .  KLC’s experts have participated in a multitude of studies and surveys aimed at developing the legal and institutional reform programmes in the countries wishing to align to the European practices of public administration.