KLC Consulting

KLC Consulting sLTD is the legal successor of the Department of International Projects of KLC Law Firm. KLC Consulting sLTD provides consultancy, strategic advisory and project management services to European Commission, International Financial Institutions and donors, regional organisations, national governments and private clients. 

KLC Consulting remains a reliable partner for clients and collaborators and continuously endeavours to expand the cooperation bases with other businesses and professionals.
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Project portfolio
Consultancy on compiling inventory, assessment and prequalification selection of training service providers in Kazakhstan, Project: Skills and Jobs
Country: Kazakhstan
Dates: November 2017 August 2019
Financing: State budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan and World Bank IBRD loan
Partners: Planet S.A. (KZ); AERC (KZ)
Budget: 2,302,076.00 USD
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Consulting services for the development and phased implementation of the safety management system in accordance with the requirements of the International Code for the Management of Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention
Country: Kazakhstan
Dates: December 2017
Budget: confidential
Contractor: confidential
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Framework service contract with re-opening of competition "Legal, economic and technical assistance in the fields of energy and mobility and transport policies" - Lot 4: "Legal assistance in the field of Mobility and Transport"
Country: EU Member States
Dates: June 2016 June 2020
Framework budget: 3,000, 000 Euro (up to four years)
Partners: Milieu
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KLC Consulting provides a wide range of services to public and private clients active in the fields of energy, transport, trade facilitation, public administration, environment, and investment.

Project Management
Project management lies at the heart of services provided by KLC Consulting. While every project is unique in terms of its objectives and constraints, the framework approach to solve any business case is built around the principles of problem analysis, planning, implementation, control, and evaluation.
KLC Consulting seeks active involvement of the project stakeholders from the outset of the project, ensuring the complete understanding of the business case and the appropriate management of client expectations. The guiding principle in all our project management services is the creation of value with due consideration of client’s needs and requirements.

Strategic Advice
Strategic planning remains an issue of importance in a multitude of cases, such as business expansion, investment planning, or infrastructure network development. In providing strategic advice to our public and private clients we aim to produce effective and efficient strategies, supplemented by achievable, measurable, and time-bound action plans, striking a balance between the ultimate goals, the intermediate steps, and available resources.
KLC Consulting has provided strategic advisory services on local, national and regional levels on numerous occasions, both as discrete assignments or within broader project contexts in areas such as policy formulation, infrastructure master-planning, transport network development and investment planning.
KLC has been involved in regional cooperation initiatives, alignment of policies and legislation in NIS region and acted as facilitator between the IFIs and the national governments. 

Feasibility Studies
KLC Consulting has deep and varied experience in coordinating feasibility studies in the fields of transport (infrastructure, operations) and energy (oil, gas, renewables). In light of major investments feasibility studies serve as a decision support tool for project developers, sponsors and financiers. In this respect, such studies provide a comprehensive insight into all technical, legal and regulatory, socio-economic (related to public and society), financial-economic (cost-benefit analysis) and environmental aspects pertinent to the potential investment.
KLC Consulting maintains partnerships with leading European engineering and financial companies in transport and energy industries; backed by in-house legal expertise and international presence, KLC Consulting is well positioned to undertake complex and challenging feasibility studies.

Legal approximation
The body of EU legislation is developing continuously, entailing alignment of legislation within the EU Member States’ legal orders. KLC Consulting has a solid track record in conformity assessment and approximation of national legislation to that of the EU in Member States, as well as accession candidates and in countries neighbouring the EU.
KLC Consulting has also a longstanding experience in approximation of legal and regulatory frameworks to the requirements of international agreements and conventions, which often require adjustment in legal, regulatory and institutional structures of the signatory parties. KLC Consulting has amassed vast expertise in assisting governmental bodies and institutions in their aspirations to comply with international agreements and conventions on transport, energy, and environment.
KLC Consulting has been acting as advisor for the governmental bodies and public institutions in the implementation of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreements and Association Agreements between EU and neighbouring countries.

Capacity Building
Many of the previous assignments of KLC, and especially those for technical assistance, included a capacity building component for the beneficiaries. The experts of KLC have on numerous occasions participated in the planning and implementation of capacity building measures and events, such as trainings, national and regional workshops, study tours and roundtables for a variety of subjects in the countries of operation. Close bonds with the academic society and professional industries allow KLC Consulting to harness the best available expertise from all over Europe and introduce contemporary concepts in the developing economies hence bolstering the capacities of local stakeholders. KLC Consulting possesses in-house capacity for preparation of multi-language training curricula and other materials.